Dancin’ Dayz 2024

Dancin' Dayz Competition

Dates: July 13-14, 2024


71333 Dinah Shore Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Fees Due By: May 13, 2024

Fees: Please see Parent Portal for Fees

The entire Dance Dynamics Studio is involved in this event!


The Westin Rancho Mirage offers special room rates* for Dancin’ Dayz attendees.

Click the button below or call 1-877-253-0041 and request the Dancin’ Dayz 2024 Group Code D25 to book your room.

Please note: The Resort Fee of $38.00 will be reduced to $5.00 at time of check-in.

*Discounted rates will not be available after Thursday, June 13, 2024

Class Performances

Jeanette Monday 4:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Monday 5:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Monday 6:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Monday 7:00PM
Jeanette Wednesday 4:00PM
Jeanette Wednesday 5:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Wednesday 6:00PM
Jeanette Thursday 4:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Thursday 5:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Thursday 6:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Friday 4:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Friday 5:00PM
Jeanette Friday 6:00PM (2 Routines)
Jeanette Friday 7:00PM (2 Routines)
Stephen Tuesday 7:00PM
Stephen Wednesday 4:00PM
Stephen Wednesday 5:00PM
Stephen Wednesday 6:00PM
Stephen Friday 5:00PM
Stephen Friday 6:00PM
Stephen Friday 7:00PM
Sarah Tuesday 4:00PM
Sarah Tuesday 5:00PM
Sarah Tuesday 7:00PM
Sarah Wednesday 7:00PM
Sarah Friday 4:00PM
Sarah Friday 5:00PM (2 Routines)
Sarah Friday 6:00PM
Mackenzie Monday 5:00PM (2 Routines)
Mackenzie Monday 6:00PM
Mackenzie Monday 7:00PM
Mackenzie Tuesday 5:00PM
Mackenzie Tuesday 6:00PM
Mackenzie Tuesday 7:00PM
Mackenzie Wednesday 5:00PM
Mackenzie Wednesday 6:00PM
Mackenzie Thursday 4:00PM
Mackenzie Thursday 5:00PM (Extra Time)
Mackenzie Thursday 6:00PM
Mackenzie Thursday  7:00PM
Mackenzie Friday 5:00PM
Mackenzie Friday 6:00PM
Ryan Monday 5:00PM
Ryan Monday 6:00PM
Ryan Monday  7:00PM (Performing with Thurs 6:00PM)
Ryan Tuesday 4:00PM
Ryan Tuesday 5:00PM
Ryan Tuesday 6:00PM
Ryan Wednesday 5:00PM
Ryan Wednesday 6:00PM
Ryan Wednesday 7:00PM
Ryan Thursday 5:00PM
Ryan Thursday 6:00PM (Performing with Mon 7:00PM)
Ryan Friday 4:00PM
Ryan Friday 5:00PM
Ryan Friday 6:00PM
Ryan Friday 7:00PM
Meagan Friday 4:00PM
Meagan Friday 5:00PM
Meagan Friday 7:00PM
Randi Monday 4:00PM
Randi Monday 5:00PM
Randi Monday 6:00PM
Randi Monday 7:00PM
Randi Tuesday 5:00PM
Randi Tuesday 6:00PM
Randi Tuesday 7:00PM
Randi Wednesday 4:00PM
Randi Wednesday 5:00PM
Randi Wednesday 6:00PM
Randi Wednesday 7:00PM
Randi Thursday 4:00PM
Randi Thursday 5:00PM
Randi Thursday 7:00PM
Sophia Saturday 9:00AM (2 Routines)
Sophia Monday 5:00PM (2 Routines)
Sophia Monday 6:00PM
Sophia Wednesday 7:00PM (2 Routines)
Iris Tuesday 4:00PM (2 Routines)
Iris Thursday 4:00PM
Iris Thursday 5:00PM
Krista Tuesday 5:00PM
Krista Tuesday 6:00PM (2 Routines)

Solo/Duet/Trio Performances

Stephen Krista Cantelletta
Stephen Liliana Perez
Stephen Carlotta Trejo
Stephen Nancy Sams
Stephen Lilliana Beatty
Stephen Alyssa Lemmon
Stephen Sophia Santana
Stephen Allison Viramontes
Stephen Rosie Spurling
Stephen Krista Cantelletta & Allison Viramontes
Stephen Teagan Murray & Madeline Smith
Stephen Emily Sanchez & Melissa Viramontes
Stephen Audrey Moreno & Addison Gomez
Stephen Krista Cantelletta & Natalia Verdi
Stephen Aaron Spurling, Rosie Spurling & Hayden Hill
Stephen & Ryan DD Elite Group
Sarah Katherine Skeers – 2 Solos
Sarah Ava Hannemann
Sarah Aubriella Martinez
Sarah Samantha Guitirrez
Sarah Jessica Gibson
Sarah Semah Sabbagh
Sarah Ilette Orozco
Sarah Jenna Brand
Sarah Sophia Facio & Emily Lineres
Sarah Melissa Viramontes & Abigail White
Sarah Megan Beatty & Avyn Quezada
Mackenzie Presley Zivelonghi
Mackenzie Emma Amaya
Mackenzie Julia Mendoza
Mackenzie Lyla Pillow
Mackenzie Scout Braeger
Mackenzie Melissa Viramontes
Mackenzie Julissa Chang
Mackenzie Abigail White
Mackenzie Isabella Merriman
Mackenzie Ava Hannemann
Mackenzie Reese Heaton
Mackenzie Julia Banks
Mackenzie Bella Peck
Mackenzie Harper Jordan
Mackenzie Lilliana Beatty
Mackenzie Roselyn Gonzalez
Mackenzie Megan Beatty
Mackenzie Nicolette Manzano
Mackenzie Victoria Garcia
Mackenzie Emma Amay & Harper Jordan
Mackenzie Faith Arrula & Audrey Hart
Ryan Reannine Clark
Ryan Gage Mendez
Ryan Carlotta Trejo
Ryan Genevieve Carrillo
Ryan Alyssa Lemmon
Ryan Reese Heaton
Ryan Allison Viramontes
Ryan Camilla Garcia
Ryan Julia Mendoza
Ryan Lyndsey Kelly
Ryan Lyla Pillow
Ryan Katherine Skeers
Ryan Natalia Verdi
Ryan Julia Banks
Ryan Claire Watts
Ryan Jessica Gibson
Ryan Chelsea Lara
Ryan Tyeler Yeoman
Ryan Rosie Gonzalez
Ryan London Pineda
Ryan Megan Beatty
Ryan Kayla Henry
Ryan Lilliana Beatty & Scarlette Hernandez
Ryan Genevieve Carrillo & Gage Mendez
Ryan Jessica Gibson & Gage Mendez
Meagan Haley Winters
Meagan Jahzara Stegall
Meagan Zariah Echeverria
Randi Harper Jordan
Randi Trinity Milano
Randi Hayden Hill
Randi Claire Watts
Randi Nevah Debrask
Randi Kaitlyn Blackmon
Randi Elizabeth Henry
Randi Paisley Massie
Randi Peyton Dragna & Avery Mayer
Randi Jocelyn Hammer, Kasside Havro & Paisley Massie
Sophia Audrey Crisler

Hesperia & Upland, CA